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How to prepare for the studio


It is no secret that studio time is not cheap and in the midst of a global pandemic with so many affected financially by hour reduction or even job loss, now more than ever is the time to make every penny count! I will share just a few tips & suggestions below to help you maximize your time and money spent in the recording studio.

Tip #1- If you are recording to a beat and you do not know the BPM or key of the song, send your beat to the studio ahead of time! This will give the engineer time to determine the BPM and key of the song BEFORE your session so more time can be spent on actual recording.

Tip #2- Write and rehearse BEFORE you get to the studio! Beginning a recording session for a song whose lyrics aren't completed with an unrehearsed performance can create stress, frustration, and wasted time.

Tip #3- Arrive early. Arriving early to the studio, especially if it's your first time at a particular studio, will help ease your tension and allow you to go into the session calm and with a clear mind.

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