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How to prepare your song for mixing

Mixing Console

You have spent time, passion, energy, and even money on your song as a recording artist; don't throw it all down the drain with the mix! Here are some tips to maximize your mix.




Tip #1 - Start with a high quality recording! If you are recording yourself and inexperienced, read articles, look at Youtube videos, and ask lots of questions.

Tip #2 - Bounce/Export all the audio files as individual tracks. This gives your mix engineer more flexibility and quality control over the final product.

Tip #3 - Bounce/Export all the individual audio files "dry" (this means with no effects on them)

Tip #4 - List a couple song references that you want your song to sound similar too in terms of overall sound or effects.

Tip #5 - Be clear with your communication and expectations. Uncommunicated expectations are seldom met. And don't be afraid to ask the mix engineer questions. Most engineers that I know welcome and prefer when you ask him or her questions, as opposed to assuming.

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