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Event FAQs

Do you host parties for kids?

Yes! We do offer events for kids and teenagers that do NOT feature alchol but have the option of mocktails (cocktails with NO ALCOHOL).

What is the difference between the various tiers for Beats and Bars?

All Beats and Bars events feature guided instructions, music software access, and a producer showcase event finale. Beats and Bars Standard ALSO includes: Beats and Bars DELUXE ALSO includes:

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You first need to bring an open mind ready to "wine down and turn up" while learning something new! If you need to bring anything additional we will cover those details with you during event registration.

Do you offer virtual events synchronous with in-person events?

We do have the ability to plan for a synchronous sip and sample party.

Do I own the music I create at a Beats and Bars event?

Yes! Copright law says that you are owner of any orginal work you created in a tangible medium of expression, i.e. a beat, painting, song lyrics, etc from the point of creation.

Can I sell my beat I create at a Beats and Bars event?

As the owner of the beat you create you are entitled to reproduce and make copies, make derivative works, distribute copies via selling or licensing, and publicly perform or play your beat.

How do I sell my beat?

We offer a sales funnel service to sell your beat for you and make all necessary administrative and song registrations on your behalf in exchange for a small percentage of any gross profits made from your beat.